Exterior Doors

The first thing you see should make a lasting impression. It should also be able to withstand the elements. Brawn and beauty. Explore all of the options and get inspired.

Smooth-Pro™ Fiberglass Doors

Formed with high-definition panels and wide profiles, JELD-WEN® Smooth-Pro™ fiberglass doors feature a light paint-brush-stroke texture that can be painted any color, without presanding or scuffing the surface, and they won’t warp, dent or rust.

Architectural™ Fiberglass Doors

Designed to deliver beauty and performance to any residential architectural style, JELD-WEN’s Architectural™ Collection of fiberglass doors and matching fiberglass components showcases authentic woodgrain replication made possible by MasterGrain’s unique Nickel Vapor Deposition technology, producing a fiberglass door virtually indistinguishable from real wood that can be customized in many ways, from woodgrain to finish to glass inserts.

IWP® Aurora® Fiberglass Doors

Expertly crafted to look virtually indistinguishable from solid wood, right down to the knots and other character marks, JELD-WEN IWP Aurora Fiberglass doors feature dozens of luxurious woodgrain finishes, incomparable hardware and glass options, and the durability to stand up to any climate.

Design-Pro™ Fiberglass Doors

Created to resemble the beautiful, natural look of real mahogany, oak or fir woodgrains, JELD-WEN® Design-Pro™ fiberglass doors have high-definition panels with wider profiles to provide more depth and authenticity than traditional fiberglass doors, and they won’t warp, dent or rust.

IWP® Wood Doors

Handcrafted from the finest materials for outstanding beauty and longevity, JELD-WEN® IWP® Wood exterior doors bring style and design home with a wide array of choices, from wood species to finish colors to glass designs and decorative accents.

Authentic Wood Doors

Crafted to bring the warmth and beauty of real wood to any residential architectural style, JELD-WEN® Authentic wood exterior doors are available in a wide range of designs and wood species, and feature a dense engineered core shielded with premium veneers for long-lasting performance.

Steel Doors

Strong, durable and easy to maintain, JELD-WEN® steel exterior doors are safe, secure, energy efficient and a smart, economical choice.

Interior Doors

The average house has 14 interior doors. None of them should be average. Jeld-Wen has everything ranging from glass panel, all panel, bifold, and louver styled doors.

Flush Wood Composite Doors

Offered in a variety of colors and woodgrains, and available with solid core to reduce sound transmission, JELD-WEN® flush wood interior doors are dependable and economical.

IWP® Wood Doors

Handcrafted from the finest materials and offering a wide array of beautiful, custom design options, from wood species to panels to glass types, JELD-WEN® IWP® Wood interior doors bring uncommon beauty into the home.

Tria™ Composite Doors

From crisp, clean lines to dramatic contours, the JELD-WEN TRIA™ composite door line offers more interior door design options than any other door category, each with a core that minimizes sound transmission.

MODA® Collection Doors

Created with a nod toward simplicity and clean lines, the MODA® Collection offers a rich, complex breadth of upscale interior doors, available in many beautiful styles, primed and ready to paint.

Molded Wood Composite Doors

With a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes, and available with solid core to reduce sound transmission, JELD-WEN® molded wood interior doors are environmentally friendly and affordable.

Woodview™ Collection Doors

Combining the durability of molded doors and artistry of hand-brushed finishing techniques, with a two-tone color process that makes each door unique and visually stunning, the Woodview™ Collection beautifully exhibits the look of real wood.

Authentic Wood Doors

Skillfully designed with a dense engineered core and shielded with premium wood veneers, JELD-WEN® Authentic wood interior doors deliver stylish, sophisticated performance that stands up to environmental changes.

Studio™ Collection Doors

The Studio™ Collection brings a new perspective to the interior door. Highlighting accent details on smooth surfaces, these doors present a distinct look. With multiple styles available, you’ll find one that complements your vision.

Patio Doors

Connect with the world through brilliant, beautiful, durable design. Choose between sliding, swinging, or folding patio door designs.

IWP® Aurora® Fiberglass Doors

Indistinguishable from real wood and handcrafted for exceptional beauty, JELD-WEN® IWP® Aurora® fiberglass patio doors are engineered to withstand even challenging climates. Our array of options and custom capabilities are designed to complement a home’s aesthetic features and increase natural light.

F-2500™ Patio Doors

The JELD-WEN® F-2500™ fiberglass folding patio door elegantly and seamlessly connects your home to the beauty outside. The innovative design brings the contemporary elegance of glass to the forefront while delivering high-end performance and energy efficiency.

Premium™ Vinyl Patio Doors

JELD-WEN® Premium™ Vinyl patio doors deliver affordable, modern style and illuminate the home with natural light. Offered in many design options and sizes, Premium™ Vinyl provides the look of real wood with the durability and performance of vinyl. Also available with FiniShield™ exterior color technology.

Siteline® Clad-Wood Patio Doors

JELD-WEN® Siteline® wood and clad wood patio doors are beautifully made and expertly crafted. Available in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes, Siteline patio doors are built with superior AuraLast® pine to preserve the beauty of your investment and pair with any architectural style.

Builders™ Vinyl (V-2500™) Patio Doors

JELD-WEN® Builders™ Vinyl (V-2500™) patio doors are economical, energy efficient and attractive. Made from durable, high-quality extruded vinyl, they require very little maintenance. Also available with FiniShield™ exterior color technology.

Premium Atlantic™ Aluminum Patio Doors

Built specifically for the tough climate of Florida and the Gulf Coast*, JELD-WEN® Premium Atlantic™ aluminum patio doors provide strength, energy-efficient performance, and the added safety and comfort of optional ImpactGard™ glass. *Availability outside Florida may be limited. Contact a JELD-WEN dealer to learn more.

W-2500™ Clad-Wood Patio Doors

This entry-level line of clad-wood patio doors delivers beauty, lasting performance and energy efficiency. Built with AuraLast® pine, and available in multiple colors, finishes, grille designs and hardware choices.

W-5500™ Clad-Wood Patio Doors

With simple, timeless design, JELD-WEN® W-5500™ clad-wood patio doors bring natural light and seamless views into the home. Find unique beauty and features in this affordable option. The uncomplicated installation works for both new builds and renovations. Constructed with AuraLast® pine, W-5500™ patio doors are beautifully crafted and made to last.

Brickmould Vinyl Patio Doors

JELD-WEN® Brickmould Vinyl patio doors deliver the energy efficiency and ease of vinyl plus the look of traditional wood, including the wider decorative trim and divided lites characteristic of Georgian architecture. They also offer details that simplify maintenance and high-quality extruded vinyl that retains its color all the way through. Best of all, every Brickmould Vinyl patio door is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Custom Wood Patio Doors

With one-of-a-kind beauty and lasting performance, JELD-WEN® Custom™ Wood patio doors bring brilliant style and design home. Built with the superior protection of AuraLast® pine and available with our widest range of aesthetic choices, including custom options.

Flat Casing Vinyl Patio Doors

Enjoy beautiful designs from the past that will endure well into the future with JELD-WEN® Flat Casing vinyl patio doors. We’ve created each one to deliver the energy efficiency and stability of vinyl, while emulating the look of American Colonial wood patio doors.


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