VaporDry® SA Roof Underlayment

Designed with with the entire industry in mind, Benjamin Obdyke’s
latest innovation, VaporDry™ SA elevates the standard of modern roof protection.

Crafted with the entire industry in mind, Benjamin Obdyke introduces VaporDry™ SA, setting a new benchmark in contemporary roof protection.

This innovative solution integrates cutting-edge technology, featuring a 100% fully continuous acrylic adhesive engineered for optimal fastener sealability and vapor permeance. The distinctive blend of a permeable trilaminate underlayment and acrylic adhesive ensures superior roof performance, enhancing the drying potential of roofs while preserving the longevity of the entire roof deck.

And here’s the kicker—it’s approved for all roofing types. Prepare to be impressed by this unparalleled acrylic adhesive.

  • Compatible with Cedar Breather Ventilated Underlayment, this product maximizes drying potential in wood, metal, and cold roof applications.
  • Compatibility with all roofing types with a pitch of 3:12 or higher.
  • Offers superior protection against the elements during the “dry-in” phase.
  • Slip-resistant surface and printed overlap guides are included for simplified installation.
  • Compliant with the ASTM D1970 testing standard for roofing underlayment
  • Self-adhered underlayment for high temperatures, with a service temperature of 250°F.

Width: 4.75 ft
Length Per Roll: 80 ft
Composition:  Polypropylene Tri-Laminate
Vapor Permeability: 14 perms
Adhesion: Continuous Acrylic
Gross Coverage: 380 sq. ft./roll
ICC AC48: Pass


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VaporDry® SA Product Data Sheet

VaporDry® SA
Basic Installation Instructions

VaporDry™ SA Roofing Protection Brochure

15 Year Product Warranty

20 Year Product Warranty

25 Year Product Warranty

VaporDry SA CSI Specification

VaporDry SA Technical Bulletin

VaporDry™ SA Physical Properties

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