At VERSATEX, we pride ourselves on coming up with innovative ways to make the builders’ lives easier during installation. When we were asked to make covering wood posts easier with still improving aesthetics, we delivered the VERSAWRAP.

The unique design of the VERSAWRAP column wrap line features pre-mitered grooves and friction fit joints. The joints are inter-locking with a unique design to allow for easy alignment and additional surface area for bonding. Plus, similar to our one-piece corners, there are no seams exposed that can collect dust and dirt after installing your column wrap.

Now, instead of cutting four individual joints or miters in the field, you can wrap smarter, with VERSAWRAP column wraps. No more field cutting and struggling to match seams. The VERSAWRAP line includes Classic and Raised Panel designs as a one-piece wrap with accessory options, and a four-piece Tapered design that includes Craftsman-style accessories.

The Classic, Timber Ridge and Raised Panel column wrap styles are created from a single piece of VERSATEX cellular PVC with three pre-mitered grooved that fold around the structural post and lock together with a friction-fit lockmiter joint. Just apply your PVC glue, fold the VERSAWRAP around your structural column, secure in place, peel the tape, and walk away.

Our four-piece Tapered column wrap provides the same convenience of the one-piece VERSAWRAP for a craftsman style project. Four pre-cut panels each have friction-fit miter lock joints to eliminate the calculations and cuts required to ensure the right angle for each panel.


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